• individual lesson
  • Czk9001 lesson
    • (1 lesson – 900 kc)

  • monthly subscription
  • Czk32004 lessons (1 lesson a week)
    • (1 lesson – 800 kc)

  • monthly subscription
  • Czk5600 8 lessons (2 lessons a week)
    • (1 lesson – 700 kc)

Classes can be doubled (2 hours in a row)

When engaged in two (ensemble),
price for two participants is 1.5 times more.

Initial consultation (voice detection,  diagnostics, goal setting, individual lesson’s plan) – 500 CZK.


Payment is possible by bank transfer or in cash.

When paying by bank transfer, please do not forget to specify

in the field “Učel platby” your name and surname.

Account number: 2300755893\2010 Fio banka

ATTENTION! Course fees are non-refundable.

If you cannot attend your lesson, you must inform us by calling, or sending an SMS or Whatsapp to the number +420 774 663 351 no later than 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your lesson and it cannot be made up.

Number of replacements: for a subscription for 4 classes - 2 times during the course, for a subscription for 8 classes - 4 times during the course, for a subscription for 12 classes - 5 times during the course. Replacing the missed classes is possible only within the current course (subscription). This means that missing classes from already completed courses will not be made up.