Who is our school for?


If you want to sing but are not sure if you have an ear for music, or voice, or if you can sing at all, do not hesitate to come to vocal lessons. At the very least you will find out, and then you will understand that everyone can sing. Of course everyone has different capabilities, pace of development and opportunities, but the fact that you can pleasantly surprise yourself and your loved ones is for sure! Confirmed by many years of experience with a variety of people of all ages. Previous musical education is not required!


If you want to enroll in a vocational school, our vocal school will help you find the right repertoire and prepare for exams, so that everything goes as it should. We also prepare students for successfully passing the international vocal ABRSM exams (all levels) in Prague.


If you already sing but are not sure whether you are doing it right. If you want to raise your level of performance, relax and learn more songs, then Sing a Song vocal school is what you need. At vocal lessons you can develop your voice, expand your range, learn how to sound properly and work with a microphone. Also, in the process of learning, you can try different vocal techniques and greatly diversify your repertoire.


If you need to correct some vocal problems or to learn opera or choral parts, contact the school of singing Sing a Song! In addition to vocal training, you will find a professional piano accompanist, which will help you in the most difficult cases.

Our approach

By taking vocal lessons you will get great pleasure from the physical process of singing,
which is one of the most natural and beneficial of all the arts. During the singing process
endorphins are generated, allowing you to get rid of stress and depression,
and increase the protective functions of the body.

The best thing we can do is to fully take advantage of our opportunities here and now.
Don’t miss out this opportunity to improve the quality of your life through the timeless art of singing.

If you’ve dreamed of singing all your life, then our vocal school will make your dreams come true.

It’s never too late – everything is just beginning: for everyone who wants to start,
to continue or to learn something new – welcome to Prague’s Singing school Sing a Song!

Lessons in Russian, Czech and English languages.