Alena Boada
The founder of the school.
Directions – opera, musical, symphonic metal

Top school classical music education (piano – Prokofiev Music School, conducting choir and academic vocals – Gnesin Music School).

Soloist with the Theater Helikon Opera (Moscow).
Vast experience in Russian vocal school and Italian Belcanto, among many other classical and modern vocal styles.

Relocated to Prague in 2009, where in 2011 founded the vocal school Sing a Song! …and still teaching with great pleasure.

“Teaching brings me a lot. This infinite self-development, the acquisition of new skills. And what is especially important for me is meeting new people. After all, every person who wants to engage in creativity is a unique, interesting and seeking person.”

“Programmers, teachers, students, mothers of many children, a Protestant pastor, a sexologist, a theater soloists, a dentist, a dancer, a director of a large international company, translators, and school children come to my vocal lessons. The list goes on!”

“I’ve become friends with many of my students. In the classroom, I always try to create an environment of trust and individual expression, which will help the students maximize their opportunities, development and success. Many of my students are already creating their own musical projects in which I gladly support them, and often take part. These are completely different undertakings. I will try to list some of them.

• Preparation for entering the vocal department of the local conservatory
• ABRSM all the levels exams
• Prague Theater Opera Chorus
• Soloist of the Prague Chamber Ensemble
• Member of the gospel choir
• Record your own music album
• Rock band (lead vocalist)
• Record a song as a gift to your loved ones
• Preparing for a rap battle
• Concerts with own musical program with my accompanying piano
• Church choir (founder and choir member)
• Participation in competitions, including karaoke
And other.

Every six months I arrange concerts for all students, where they can test themselves in a friendly atmosphere.

I consider myself an open person and professional in my business. Waiting for you in Sing a Song! Music School. Together we can make your dreams come true.